Tschallacka's projects

I have a lot of projects and things I get involved with for hobbies or professionally.
Some things I'm still working on, other things are "on hold" or simply abandoned. Below is a small overview of projects I'm working on and not abandoned.

Node JS Liquid Slider

I updated liquid slider to work with Node JS and published it in the NPM registry.

Banned from Existence

A book I'm trying to write. It's based on someone being banned from existence and trying to find the way somewhere.

When Hell Freezes Over

A book I'm trying to write when I feel inspired. It's about this world in where magic creatures return.

Magic Cookies

A Minecraft Mod for version 1.7 and 1.8. Currently on hiatus because rewriting it for the newer versions is a royal pain, and it has several unique features that are hard to translate and require extensive refactoring.

Wordpress Composer Plugin Builder

I got tired of having to rename classes to prevent conflicts in wordpress because wordpress support for composer is non optimal especially when different plugins require different versions, so I made this.

Tschallacka's Formtools

An OctoberCMS plugin to add a couple of extra form elements to the backend forms for OctoberCMS.

Artisan Tools

During development of an OctoberCMS plugin I often just wish to check out a little change, without dropping all the data I have already entered in a plugin for testing purposes, or write a seeder for it.
It also helps with rolling back to a previous version of a plugin when something doesn't work, provided the plugin has a proper down() function


A little horror game I'm programming to learn my way around Unity. Currently still in the learning Unity phase without something to show.

October Foundation

My own JavaScript implementation to make easy JavaScript controlled elements in an OctoberCMS powered website, which removes the repetitive effort of having to name things and registering and deregistering handlers and unsetting of variables.

jQuery Template Support

A simple utility to make usage of templates easy with jQuery.

PHP Game Random

I needed a random number generator that would provide predictable random numbers based upon a seed. Since I couldn't find a useable library I wrote my own.



I've been around the world a bit and have been able to take in a bit of the the world's diversity and beauty and horrors.

Countries I've been to:

  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Spain
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Belgium
  • Great Brittain
  • Australia
  • United States

The travelling doesn't stop though. My wife loves travelling since forever so we do go around the globe a bit more.

Upcoming locations

  • Greece 2019
  • Algau(Germany) 2019

Of course there is a wishlist of countries I'd like to visit some time, but those are expensive or take a long time to travel to.


  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Bali(Indonesia)
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Sweden
  • Bora Bora

My current experiments

I like trying out new things, getting familiar with new technologies and programming methods, just to sate my curiosity.
Below is a small listing of technologies where i'm experimenting with on and off, trying to learn them or just exploring them to see what their potential are.

October CMS

CMS and Framework

October CMSclose

October CMS is a Content Management System built upon Laravel. It builds upon all the features Laravel and Symphony provide to you as as developer and it gives you a really developer friendly way to create interactive backends and easy to extend and influence front ends. It's my favorite CMS by far because of it's extensibility and flexibility and reliability.
Every now and then I extend one of my plugins or commit something to the core when I find something that could use fixing.

Deep Learning for Java



AI is the new hot kid in town, and i'm trying to see what it does and what it's potentials are for me.
Learning how to use it though isn't really straightforward and it comes with a lot of info and preparation to do.
But it's interesting none the less, just very time consuming in preparation if you want to try something not defined in the same datasets the tutorials provide.
I'm taking this one slowly, coming back to it every now and then.


When Hell Freezes Over


I've never really written a book before and this is my first attempt at writing one.
The process of putting a thought on paper, watching the story unfold and then building a world on that is an interesting process to watch and feel unfolding.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to finish this, but it's fun to be able to come back to it and publish a new chapter every now and then.


Game Programming


With my minecraft modding with Forge I had my first taste at influencing a game and 3d rendering methods and what all goes into making new stuff work.
Unity is my attempt at learning a bit how C# works and possibly, with a lot of effort, make a mediocre horror game.
For me the joy is in the exploration, not in the delivered end result, and boy, is there a lot to explore in Unity when you are totally new to the field.

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